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CanIRank is a San Francisco based super-charged keyword difficulty and competitive analysis tool for the most productive SEOs, marketers, and agencies. CanIRank founder decided to launch a new kind of SEO software: “where other tools simply provide data, we could use our ranking models to draw useful and actionable conclusions”. They were mentioned in Forbes and MarketWatch. With a lot of great reviews they are growing fast.

We are happy that we can be their technical partner almost from their start. We take care of their looks and technical things such as front-end development and back-end development.

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About the PrimeTeam

  • Marcin Wieprzkowicz

    Team leader

  • Bartosz Kapka


  • Tomasz Krajewski


  • Tomasz Wojtunik


User interface
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User Interface

Nowadays we help CanIRank team with their product visual appearance. We redesign their application and design new functionalities. We are continuously working on their user interface and user experience to make their service even easier to use. We are trying to make CanIRank the most intuitive tool possible. With continuous work on their designs we are able to redesign their product without making it shocking to their clients.

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Front-end Development

We also work on CanIRank front-end side of their application. With its quite simple designs we bring the most recent coding techniques in order to make it as performance oriented as possible. We even code their gradient graphs. They are pure CSS. Without loading extra images we are able to bring the best user experience through various devices.

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Back-end Development

CanIRank back end side of application is very sophisticated and complicated. Brought to life by Matt Bentley - CanIRank founder this greatly engineered tool is also very well rethought. That is why we can help them with it too. With Tomasz (our full stack developer) expert knowledge on Ruby on Rails we implement new functionalities together. We make some fixes and take care of the CanIRank “heart”. Dedicated team only meant for CanIRank purposes work every day to make their product even more accurate and help their clients grow their businesses.

Our partnership

We have been working very closely with CanIRank team on their product for more than two years. This whole time we were able to satisfy all of their needs. Equipped in the best-in-class tools we were able to cooperate closely on their product despite different time zones.

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We would like to thank CanIRank founder Matt Bentley for growing trust, and our long-term partnership. We have been doing our best and we are sure that we will continuously meet your expectations and work on CanIRank together. This project taught us how to sustain long term partnership on a friendly but professional basis.

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