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1000 Cookbooks

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About the project

Our client approached us with an extraordinary idea to create ultimate online culinary resource. As a starting point they had complied recommendations from hundreds of chefs, authors, bloggers and food professionals to generate a ranking of the 1000 most essential English language cookbooks of all time.

1000 Cookbooks is an application which compiles this list of a 1000 cookbooks in English language. All items are divided into several categories like popular with, era or world cuisine. Moreover it is possible to browse cookbooks by the music which the chefs listen to while cooking. When user first launches the app, the onboarding process begins during which we “teach” the app our nutrition preferences and habits.

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About the PrimeTeam

  • Marcin Wieprzkowicz

    Team leader

  • Bartosz Kapka


  • Krzysztof Wyrzykowski


  • Tomasz Krajewski


  • Anna Dominiak


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Technical info

The client wanted to deliver a service which provides user with the content of carefully selected cookbooks. The application was meant to be able to work in web browser, as well as on the most popular mobile platforms, offering native-like experience on both mobile phones and tablets. MVP was agreed to be 23 functionalities long, and we estimated its launch date to 5 months. The whole work process was based on agile methodologies. We agreed on weekly sprints. It made our cooperation with client very close and elastic. Thus we were able to provide the best possible solutions which satisfies both the product owner and users.

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User Experience & Design

Great cookbooks database provided by the client was inspiring but also very challenging. We have managed to create the ux system which is very simple, intuitive, yet still has enough complexity to provide user with all the information stored in database. We prepared interactive inVision wireframes basing on 1000 Cookbooks’ branding guides as well as on client’s suggestions and requests. Many screens such as: book view, person view, onboarding, lists and menus were designed. All of them were kept in minimalistic and subtle style with vivid orange accents. While being loyal to the latest trends we have managed to create a long lasting, fresh and most importantly not overwhelming design.

iphone cookbooks
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Below you can find activity of our programmers in this project. You can also see the numbers of lines addded/edited and no. of commits. As you can see our team complements each other greatly, which results in constant updates and quick development time.

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Our client asked us to create an application both for web and mobile. 1000 cookbooks is offering native-like experience on mobile devices. To transcend their needs we decided to use HTML5 innovations and Ionic framework to bring the website functionality as close as possible to native-like applications for mobile devices. This made it easy to create one-size-fits-all app with ability to quickly introduce changes to all versions simultaneously. Because of the fact that whole app is based on angularjs, we have created a special plugin which transfers ajax based requests to data which is easy to read by google analytics. It all led to a super responsive app which also gathers all web data analytics. Whole app consists around 1,300,000 lines of code. We did 474 Pull Requests. We had 22 weekly sprints. It all succeeded in creating MVP in time.

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We believe that this project is a great success both for us and our client. Thanks to our methodologies and basing on the newest technologies we were able to create extraordinary product on time. The app is widely sharable in media and was reviewed by many great columns such as: la times, the guardian, the daily telegraph or the bookseller. We still cooperate with our client, providing some extra functionalities to the product and expanding it.

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