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Prime - first in excellence, quality
Module - component of a system or construction

Who we are?

Founded in 2014 by Marcin Wieprzkowicz and Krzysztof Wyrzykowski, both great web developers and technical leaders behind the projects for Google, Nissan, Thomson Reuters and others. PrimeModule is a quality driven software house. We are based in Lodz, Poland, with the team of 11, working for the greatest companies around the globe. We specialize in web and mobile application design and development, interactive experiences and performance.

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We are Technical Partner

CanIRank is a San Francisco based super-charged keyword difficulty and competitive analysis tool for the most productive SEOs, marketers, and agencies. Thus was born the world's first SEO Intelligence software, helping to give startups, ecommerce stores, bloggers, and SMEs a chance to compete against the mega-corporations who rank due to the size of their SEO budget rather than the quality of their content.


Know the city of Łódź

The third-largest city in Poland. Located in the central part of the country. It hosts three major state-owned universities, six higher education establishments. The city is well-known for its post-industrial architecture and one of the best museums of modern art, where you can find Andy Warhol art.

Scrum Agile

Scrum & Agile

We are flexible. Our work process is based on agile and scrum methodologies. It leads to great effects in short terms, keeping you up to date. Weekly sprints give you ability to react and make changes quickly.

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